Unique Recipe & Design

From the moment of conception, The creators of Kono insisted that quality and deliciousness come first. Our dough and sauces are imported straight from Italy. Nothing is pre-made or re-heated, all cones are made-to-order. All ingredients in Kono Pizza cones have been approved by our Chef in Italy.

Made from the Freshest Local Ingredients

Our team works hard to find the finest cheeses, fruits and vegetables from local merchants.

Eat On The Go

Our cones were created to provide consumers with authentic Italian pizza made from only high-quality ingredients, with mobility in mind! Kono Pizza tastes better, you feel better about eating it and the best part is you won’t spill sauce down your shirt!


Easy, Clean Eating

Kono Pizza allows our customers to enjoy a delicious meal, on the fly. We use a low-skim, low-moisture cheese to eliminate condensation and grease in Kono Pizza cones. You just eat it the same way you would an ice cream cone—but, you know, with biting instead of licking.